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Women all over the world love luxuries, and love to be pampered. Getting a manicure, pedicure, or simply just having your nails painted, are some of the luxuries that women enjoy. And who are responsible for these luxuries? Nail technicians.

Nail technicians work with many clients on a daily basis, beautifying their nails. Beautifying can involve anything from a simple manicure, to acrylic, gel or silk nails.

The job of a nail technician can be quite exciting, as they work with various clients on a daily basis, each with different preferences. There isn’t one client who will walk out of a salon with the same nails (unless it is bridesmaids who need to match for a wedding, of course).

Generally, this line of work has much to offer, including fantastic career opportunities.

Nail Courses, Nail Courses

Distance learning nail technician courses

There are many beauty and nail academies all over South Africa that offer various courses. Some academies only offer full-time courses, while others have a part-time option. Nowadays, you can also study nail technician courses through distance learning.

The distance learning courses are designed in such a way that you can complete your course without having to attend any practical workshops.

A distance learning course is perfect for those who have a full-time job or other daily commitments. With distance learning, you decide when you study – you have the freedom to plan your studies around your work, family, social life, etc.

If you would like to find out more about distance learning colleges that offer nail technician courses, click on the button below.


Nail technician courses

If you are one of those people who love beauty, fashion, make-up and flashy nails, then becoming a nail technician might just be the perfect job for you. Nail technicians are creative and composed individuals, as this is a requirement in the job.

There are different nail technician courses that you can study. Some will focus on theories and nail anatomy, whereas others will be more practical – focusing on types of nails and nail art techniques. There are, however, nail technician courses that combine the anatomy, theories, styles and techniques all in one course, to fully prepare you for a career in this field.

A career in nails

A career in nails can be quite rewarding. The industry is growing fast, and it’s not that difficult to get a job, due to the huge amount of nail salons popping up all over. Nail salons have increased in popularity, and new nail styles and designs come out every week.

Another great advantage of pursuing this career is that you can open your very own salon, and hire your own staff. Obviously a few years’ experience working in this industry would then be crucial.

If you enjoy pretty nails, accessories, fashion and beauty, then you should consider pursuing a career in nails and beauty.

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