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You may wonder what nail technology is all about. What will you learn and where will you use the knowledge that such a course can teach you?

Nail Technology is a field of study that will develop your skills as a manicurist or as a nail technician. Whether you would like to apply UV gel nails or perform manicures and pedicures as a hobby, or become more professional and earn an extra income with it, a nail course will teach you all the important nail care skills and ways to create beautiful flawless nails.

Working as a manicurist, you will work to improve the appearance of your client’s nails and create different looks for various occasions such as weddings or every day professional looking nails. In turn, your clients will feel pampered and good about themselves. If you are a creative person and want to learn more by die different effects that is possible with nail care, a nail course is definitely for you.

Careers In Nail Courses, Nail Courses


Nail technicians perform manicures and pedicures, which may include nail art, the application of artificial nails, nail repair and other specialised hand and foot treatments. Nail technicians may perform the following tasks:

Working as a nail technician can be physically demanding. Repetitive activities and sitting for long periods can cause strain, while chemicals such as those used in acrylics and polish removers may pose a health risk. It is best to wear personal protective equipment such as gloves, aprons, dust masks and safety glasses to minimise risk.

Nail technicians, as most employees in the beauty industry, have a high level of public contact.

You must look at the following personal requirements upon entering into this field of study or work:

Careers in nail beauty, Nail courses


General career opportunities for someone who has done a nail technician course: